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Individual Counseling

Our staff provides individual services for those struggling with adjustment difficulties, academic stress, anxiety, Bipolar, depression, eating disorder, PTSD, grief/loss, behavioral issues, ADHD, relationship issues, and substance use disorders. We provide a warm environment for individuals to explore and gain insights into their mental health needs. We provide in-person and telehealth psychotherapy.

During the first session, your therapist may ask you:

  • What are your symptoms?

  • What brought you to therapy?

  • What do you feel is wrong in your life?

  • Some questions about your history, including your childhood, education, relationships (family, romantic, friends), your current living situation, and your career

  • You and your therapist should also come to an agreement about the length of your treatment, methods to be employed, and ins and outs of patient confidentiality

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Individual Counseling: Our Services
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