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Our Story

Bridge Healing Center was started to provide trauma specific treatment for immigrants and people in MN struggling with mental health. We offer culturally specific therapy services and psychotherapy services for individuals and families. Everyone is at a different part of their journey in life. Our approach meets clients where they are at. We offer individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, and play therapy. First time clients can sign up for a complementary, no cost intake session. At our center, we do our best to ensure all our clients feel supported and cared for.

“We hear you; we understand you, and you are not alone.”

“Waanu ku maqalnaa, waan ku fahamnay, kaliga ma tihid.”

“نحن نسمعك، نحن نفهمك، وانت لست وحدك”



Our Mission

Provide trauma specific treatment for individuals and families in Central MN struggling with mental health and substance abuse.

Our Vision

To alleviate the stigma of counseling services by normalizing mental health issues and encouraging clients to embrace hope.

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