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Play Therapy for Children

Our play therapy services are designed to help children gain insight and understanding of their experiences and develop coping strategies. During play, our trained therapist will work with children in a supportive environment that encourages them to communicate and explore their thoughts, emotions, and addresses unresolved trauma. 

Play therapy comes in two basic forms: non-directive (or child-centered) and directive. During play, we give children toys and creative tools and they’re allowed to choose how to spend their time. They aren’t given any direction or guidance about what they should do or how they should solve their problems. The basic premise is that when allowed to do so, children will find solutions to their problems.

What you can expect:

  • The therapist develops a warm and friendly relationship with the child.

  • The therapist accepts the child as he/she is.

  • The therapist provides a sense of permission within the relationship so the child feels free to express his or her feelings completely.

  • The therapist is alert to recognize the feelings a child is expressing and reflects those feelings so the child gains insight into his/her behavior.

  • The therapist maintains a deep respect for the child’s ability to solve problems and gives the child an opportunity to do so.

  • The therapist does not attempt to direct the child’s actions or conversations in any manner. The child leads the way and the therapist follows.

  • The therapist does not rush the therapy process, understanding it is a gradual process.

  • The therapist only establishes limits that are necessary.

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